Over the past few years our TISCA meet has become the biggest meet that the Texas High Tigersharks host. A competition that once had about 150 students swimming/diving has grown to over 500 students. This year the Tigersharks have opened it up this meet even more to allow 600 students to participate in it.

This meet is spread out over three days. We will have the diving portion of it, in the evening, on November 21. There have been around 20 divers each year, but they hope to increase in number this year. On November 22 the Tigersharks will host the preliminary swim meets. Because of the amount of students attending the swim portion they have had to break this day down into two different meets running both on the same day. At the end of the day the coaches will combine the meets into one, and the top 16 swimmers from the day will compete in the swim finals on Saturday November 23.

For our Tigershark team this is a great opportunity for the swimmer/divers to compete against faster teams. There will be 5A and 6A teams represented at this meet.