Texas High 13 Whitehouse 0

This was a good way to start out the action in our Fall Team Tennis Tournament. Although it looked like we really had an easy time by the total match score, we did have to really work for several of our wins. All of our doubles' teams won although Pat Smith/Charlie Goins, Matt Teeters/John Norton and Caroline Smith/Baylee McBride had to go to super-tiebreakers to do it. Annie Tarwater/Hannah Wren, Wynne Tidwell/Kirsten Weber, Aaron Murdock/Mary Claire Boudreaux and Kyle Kennedy/Braden May were all straight set winners. The singles winners that we had before the match was called were Annie, Hannah and Wynne on the girls' side and Kyle, Pat and Braden on the guys' side of things.

Texas High 10 Rockwall 5

After a great 6-1 start in doubles over a very tough team, we were on our way to a good win. We defeated this team over at their place a couple weeks ago, it was not an easy win and we were definitly concerned about how this one would go. A fantastic start with all the boys, Kyle Kennedy/Braden May, Pat Smith/Charlie Goins and Ben Norton/Carson Rommel getting wins and also all of our girls' teams, Anne Tarwater/Hannah Wren, Wynne Tidwell/Kirsten Weber and Anna Catherine Boudreaux/Aubree Cramer were straight set winners. At this point, it was only a matter of time and momentum as Annie, Hannah, Wynne and Kirsten took singles wins to close out the match for us.

Texas High 11 Tyler Lee 4

After 5 matches this year, we finally got to play on our home courts and it went well as we again got off to a great start in doubles with all our boys' teams and all our girls' teams getting straight set wins. They (Tyler Lee) did play us very tough on the boys' side in singles but we were able to get wins in singles from Annie Tarwater, Hannah Wren, Kirsten Weber, Anna Catherine Boudreaux and Baylee McBride to close out the match.

Texas High 4 Coppell 10

We were really proud of the way our kids got after this tough 5-A team right from the start. There was a point where we stood a good chance to be up at least 4-3 or maybe 5-2 after the doubles but we lost a couple of really close ones and were down 4-3 after doubles' play. Our wins there were from Kyle Kennedy/Braden May and Ben Norton/Carson Rommel on the boys' side and Annie Tarwater/Hannah Wren on the girls' side of things. Anna Catherine Boudreaux & Aubree Cramer lost an excruciatingly close 13-11 tie-breaker match that was very exciting and close. Hannah Wren got our only other win in singles as this tough team began to pull away in singles' play but we were very proud of the way our kids fought and competed.