Superintendent: Paul Norton
Phone: 903.794.3651

Administrative Assistant: Brenda Perkins
Phone: 903.794.3651 Ext. 1019


Executive Director of Athletics: Barry Norton
Phone: 903.793.7731

Assistant Athletic Director: Jeff Harrell
Phone: 903.793.7731 Ext. 2270

Bowie-Cass Adult Education Cooperative

Director: Dean Ransdell
Phone: 903.793.5632 ext. 1710 or 1711

Business Services

Chief Financial Officer: Deidra Reeves, CPA
Phone: 903.794.3651

Business and Support Services

Chief Operating Officer: Ken Reese
Phone: 903.794.3651

Chief Financial Officer: Deidra Reeves, CPA
Phone: 903.794.3651

Child Nutrition

Director of Child Nutrition: Beth Carson R. D.
Phone: 903.792.2231

Construction & Plant Operations

Director of Construction & Plant Operations: Myron Stringer
Phone: 903.794.7191 ext. 1932

Human Resources

Coordinator of Human Resources: LaTonya McElroy
Phone: 903.794.3651

Information Technology

Director of Information Technology: Rusty.Ogburn
Phone: 903.793.3776 ext. 81906

Instructional Services

Executive Director of Instructional Services: Wes.Kirkham
Phone: 903.793.7561


Chief of Police: Tony Dollarhide
Phone: Phone: 903.792.4657 ext. 3301