Driver Education Course

A Driver Education Course is offered to HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY through the Bowie-Cass Adult Education Cooperative at $170 per student.

To enroll in the program, a student must be at least 14 and turn 15 during Behind-The-Wheel instruction and may not be older than 17 years of age when class begins. The 32-hours of classroom instruction is taught in 2-hour segments for 16 days and usually takes two to three months to complete. Seven (7) hours will consist of In-Car instruction and seven (7) hours will be Behind-The-Wheel instruction. Our driving schedule is determined by birthdate with the oldest driving first. Driving practice is at the discretion of the Parent/Guardian and is most beneficial to the overall success of the students. Parents/Guardians must maintain a 30-hour Behind-The-Wheel Practice Log.

Driving Sessions include: Rural Driving, City Driving, Freeway Driving (enter/exit), Passing/Being Passed and Driving Skills Test. Driving Skills Test includes: Backing car 25 feet, Quick Stop, Lane Usage, Lane Change, Traffic Signs/Signals, Left/Right Turns, Blind Spot Checks, Soft Braking, Parallel Parking.

Driving Phase
  • Know Handbook Rules
  • Have Attitude to Learn Good Habits
  • Do Not Be Aggressive
  • Follow Instructor’s Teaching
  • Responsible for all Passengers in Car
  • Do Not Drive Speed Limit
  • Practice all you can between    Drive Sessions
  • Remember what you are Taught
  • Be Able to Pass Driving Test at    End of Course

  • Familiarize Yourself with Handbook
  • Begin 30-Hour Driving Log (at least 10    hours must be at night)
  • Be an Example for the Young Driver
  • Follow Law on Permit
  • Stress Wearing Seat Belts Properly
  • Follow Rules on Speed
  • Spend Time with Student when in    Driver Education
  • Monitor Use of Vehicle after    Driver Education
  • Give Student all Experience Possible

Students must present their Social Security Card/Number at time of enrollment and their original Birth Certificate and Social Security Card on Examination day. Detailed brochures are available from the Bowie-Cass Adult Education Cooperative and the Texas High School Front Desk.

Registration & Location

TISD Adult Education & Literacy Program
905 Martine Street
Texarkana, Texas 75503
(Corner of Tucker Street & Johnson Avenue on the Texarkana College campus)

Karen Ottinger
903.793.5632 ext. 1711
Winnie Courtney
903.793.5632 ext. 1725