Every person who wishes to serve as a Texarkana Independent School District employee, volunteer, private teacher or contractor, or any other person who will have contact with TISD students shall have a criminal history search performed. The 80th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 9 (SB9) which mandated the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to acquire criminal history through fingerprint submission on:

  1. All certified educators who are currently employees
  2. All substitutes
  3. Non-certified employees hired after January 1, 2008.
  4. This process requires the individual to hold a state-issued driverís license or state-issued ID card.

Upon hire, TISD will assist new employees with the process of being fingerprinted. TEA requires the District to utilize a specific company for electronic fingerprinting. TISD will schedule the appointment for you and provide all of the necessary paperwork for meeting this requirement.