Enrollment Instructions & Forms

The following records will be required to complete the enrollment process for your student.
TISD Student Enrollment Form
Certified Immunization Record

Home Language Survey
Last Report Card
Official City, County or State Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Student Records Release Form
Transfer Application

Verification of income for Pre-Kindergarten Enrollment

Verification of Residence

Withdrawal Form from previous school with withdrawal grades

At the time of enrollment, you will be required to complete the following TISD forms.

Enrollment Form

Pre-Kindergarten (English/Spanish)
Head Start (English/Spanish)
Elementary (English/Spanish)
Texas Middle School (English/Spanish)
Texas High School (English/Spanish)

Foster Care Questionnaire

Free/Reduced Price School Meal Application

Health Information & Emergency Care Authorization

Home Language Survey

Migrant Family Survey

Parent & Family Engagement Policy

Student Insurance Enrollment Form

Student Military Questionnaire

Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Office of Quality Assurance & MIS
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