Frequently Asked Questions

What age student does Tiger Learning Center serve?
Morriss and Nash Elementary School Tiger Learning Centers serve students ages 4 through 12 years.
Spring Lake Park, Waggoner Creek and Wake Village Elementary School Tiger Learning Centers serve students ages 3 through 12 years.

When does the program begin?
Spring Lake Park and Wake Village Elementary School Tiger Learning Centers are open year-round.
Morriss, Nash and Waggoner Creek Elementary School Tiger Learning Centers are open school calendar days only.

If my child's Tiger Learning Center is closed for Summer or Holidays, can we send them to another Tiger Learning Center location?
Yes. Please notify your child's Tiger Learning Center Supervisor and they will guide you through the process.

What does a typical day at Tiger Learning Center look like?
School Calendar Days
Homework/Quiet Activities
Gross Motor Skills/Outdoor Play
Teacher-Led Activity
Interest Areas
Independent Play
End of Day Activity

Does my child have to attend Monday through Friday each week?
No. Tiger Learning Center offers Reserved Days or Drop-In care.
Drop-In care is based on space availability. Parents must call in advance.
Reserved Care is for specified days.

Do I pay for days my child is absent?
Yes. If your child has Reserved Days, you will be billed for those day.

When do I pay?
Payments are due on Monday of each week in advance.
On Tuesday a $5.00 late fee will be assessed.
If payment is one week past due, care will be discontinued until payment is made in full.

Drop-In care is due on the day of service.

Where do I register my child?
Registration may be completed at any time throughout the year. However, space is limited, so register early to reserve your spot. To begin registration you must call the Tiger Learning Center of your choice or the Tiger Learning Center main office.

What kind of interest areas are available for my child throughout the day?
Tiger Learning Center is dedicated to helping our children grow socially and emotionally through independent play and teacher-led activities. Our rooms are set up in multiple interest areas including; Music, Art, Home Living, Science, Technology, Building & Construction, Reading and much more.