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To request the Sullivan PAC facility click here.

Event Classification: You must provide a 501c3 for Non-Profit events.
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We hereby certify that we shall be personally responsible, on behalf of our organization, for any damage or abuse of school buildings, grounds, or equipment growing out of the occupancy of said premises by our organization. We agree to abide by and enforce the rules and regulations of Texarkana Independent School District governing the non-school use of buildings, grounds, and equipment as delineated in "Rules and Regulations for Non-School Use of School Property" found at the following link.

Facilities Usage Information Packet

We agree and undertake to save and hold harmless the Texarkana Independent School District from any and all claims for damages, personal or otherwise, that may arise out of the use of said property, whether by a member of our organization or by other person using or enjoying said property, and without regard to whether damage, personal or otherwise, is brought about or caused by the negligent operation of said property by us.

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*The fiscal year for Theatre Rental is July 1 - June 30. Applications for each fiscal year will not be considered prior to June 1st before the start of each fiscal year.