Multilingual Education

Texarkana Independent School District's multilingual educators are dedicated to developing language and content in both English, and other languages, through strong programs and research based pedagogy.

We ensure equal access to meaningful, stellar programs for students, staff and parents to help students reach their full potential as confident, productive and competent members of our multicultural society. Additionally, we ensure the consistent implementation of research-based best practices and work collaboratively to develop highly trained staff in order to move students along the continuum of language and content to provide an exemplary education.

Students whose first language (L1) is a language other than English and who have been identified as limited in English per assessments are known as English Learners (ELs).

TISD identifies English Learners through an Oral Language Proficiency Test (grades PK-12), Reading Norm-Referenced Test (grades 2-12) and Language Norm-Referenced Test (grades 2-12) to determine language proficiency in English. if a student meets LEP/ELL identification criteria, the student's Parents/Guardians will be offered an ESL or Bilingual program.

Mindy Basurto
Coordinator of Multilingual Education
3413 Summerhill Road
Texarkana, Texas 75503
Phone: 903.793.7561 ext. 1316
Fax: 903.255.3280