Monitoring & Exit Criteria

Student Monitoring and Dyslexia Program Exit Criteria
Upon successful completion of the Texarkana ISD program(s), as measured by program mastery checks (assessments) completed at regular intervals, students will be exited from the district dyslexia program(s). Additional criteria for exit may include but is not limited to: grades from progress reports or report cards, state assessment data, benchmarks, progress monitoring data, teacher and/or parent observations/checklists, and individual dyslexia program requirements.

Students that have exited the Texarkana ISD dyslexia program will receive regular monitoring during the first year.

Monitoring may include, but is not limited to the collection/evaluation of:

  • Progress reports
  • Report cards
  • State assessment data
  • Teacher reports/checklists
  • Parent reports/checklists
  • Counselor reports
  • Other program reports
  • Additional assessment data

Students qualifying for dyslexia services that are identified as §504 or special education will follow monitoring/re-evaluation requirements outlined in federal law.

No one factor is sufficient to warrant exiting a student from direct dyslexia services. Dismissal is determined by the §504 committee, or ARD committee. The committee considers the following factors when recommending exiting or reduction of dyslexic services:

  • Completion of the district dyslexia program
  • The reevaluation and/or post-testing of student shows student growth to be closer to grade level proficiency standards
  • The student demonstrates self-monitoring/self-correction behaviors as evidenced through informal observation by teacher and/or dyslexia teacher
  • The student passed the reading portion of the state assessment;
  • Committee recommendation
  • Parents request in writing that the student exit the program

If a student has shown substantial progress and the §504 committee determines the student is ready to be dismissed completely from the program, the committee may recommend monitoring services instead of direct services. When a child is exited from the dyslexia program, a dismissal form will be completed and placed in the child’s cumulative folder.