October 21, 2013

Todd Marshall
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Texas High School UIL Academic Team Earn Individual and Team Medals during State Virtual Challenge Meet

Texarkana, TX – Texas High School UIL Academic Team recently participated in the State Virtual Challenge Meet #1 earning three individual and three team medals.

The State Virtual Challenge Meet brings together schools from all across Texas to compete in contests for Accounting, Calculator, Computer Science, Current Events, Literary Criticism, Mathematics, Number Sense, Science, Social Studies and Spelling.

Placement, subject and coaching information is as follows:


Literary Criticism: Jessi Chapman – 6th Place (4A). Coached by Anne Fruge.

Social Studies: Peter Garrett – 4th Place (4A); Alex Markham – 7th Place (4A). Coached by Chuck Zach.


Accounting: Team of Tanner Parrott, Kirsten Reid & Alanna Tran – 5th Place (4A). Coached by Pam Hamilton.

Current Events: Team of Israel Arias, D.J. Mack & David Mitchell – 7th Place (4A). Coached by Amy Kemp.

Social Studies: Team of Peter Garrett, Alex Markham & David Mitchell – 5th Place (4A). Coached by Chuck Zach.

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