October 23, 2014

Todd Marshall
Director of Communications,
Marketing and Development
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Maximum Class Size Exception Waiver Bond Refinance Update and Student Academic Report discussed during Regular Session for TISD Board

Texarkana, TX – The Texarkana Independent School District Board of Trustees approved submitting a waiver for 32 classrooms in TISD. Each school district in Texas is required to conduct a class size enrollment survey for kindergarten through fourth grade. If the survey indicates any class exceeding a 22:1 student to teacher ratio, the district must submit a class size waiver and compliance plan. A class size waiver request was submitted for Highland Park Elementary (two sections), Morriss Elementary (eight sections), Nash Elementary (eleven sections), Spring Lake Park Elementary (five sections) and Wake Village Elementary (six sections).

“This waiver is being submitted to the state because our elementary classrooms are at and past capacity. TISD has never submitted a waiver for this many classrooms and it continues to show that our elementary classrooms are full,” said Paul Norton, Superintendent.

In other business, Trustees received a Bond Refinance Update Report from Paul Norton, Superintendent. Mr. Norton stated that in May, 2014, the Board authorized TISD administration to refinance the Series 2005 bonds. The interest rate was 5.25% and through refinancing, it was anticipated that TISD could save $650,000.00 over the life of the bonds. Refinancing has been finalized at 1.15% interest, which totaled a true savings of $1,021,137.00.

Superintendent stated, “By refinancing these bonds we are saving over $1 million in payments. As a district we continue to look for ways to utilize our tax payer’s dollars as efficiently as possible.”

Trustees also received a Student Academic Report from Lori Ables, Director of Secondary Curriculum/Instruction & Academic Services. TISD received fourteen Distinction Designations, which is the most in our area. Texas High School received four distinctions, Nash Elementary School received two distinctions, Spring Lake Park Elementary School received one distinction, Wake Village Elementary School received one distinction and Morriss Elementary School received six distinctions.

Trustees were also informed that results of the 2014 Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) indicate TISD has a district average of 1092, which exceeds the state average by 120 points.

Texas High School offered a total of 86 dual credit classes. All courses required for students to obtain an Associate Degree are offered on the Texas High School campus.

TISD offers great academic opportunities to their students, as evidenced by the $15.4 million dollars in scholarships offered to the Class of 2014.

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