March 16, 2016

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More Accolades for Texas HighSteppers during Austin Competition; Team Takes Overall Grand Champion Title

Texarkana, TX – Accolades keep coming in for the Texas High School HighSteppers.


Team, Officers and Individual Awards received during the Showtime Austin Grand Finale Competition in Hutto, Texas on March 5, 2016 include:

Team Awards: Overall Grand Champion, Sweepstakes Award, Judge’s Award and Precision Awards for Pom, Novelty, Kick and Military Routines.

Officer Awards: Champion Circle Winners, Sweepstakes Award, Judge’s Award and First Place for Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary Routines.

Individual Awards: Parker Ellyn Madlock – First Place High School Soloist; Sarah Grace Boudreaux and Addison Rogers – First Place Duet; Emily McMaster, Addison Rogers, Sarah Stark and Leighton Weber – Solo Finalists; Sarah Grace Boudreaux, Sarah Hickerson, Parker Ellyn Madlock, Emily McMaster, Addison Rogers, Sarah Stark, Leighton Weber and Hannah Williams – Division 1 Soloists.

# # #

Row 1: Hannah Williams, Allie Beth Hatfield

Row 2: Aaliyah Walton, Queeni Thomas, Elizabeth Tullis, Samantha Shoalmire, Brooke Rayburn, Sarah Hickerson, Caroline May, Madilynn Walker, Kaitlyn Birmingham

Row 3: Olivia Johnson, Paishance Soileau, Mollie White, Sophie Lower, Isabelle Robertson, Leighton Weber, Kylie Davis, Ashley Wallace, Laurel Wakefield, Perin Creek

Row 4: Imari Kelley, Sarah Grace Boudreaux, Addison Rogers, Sara Ottinger, Sarah Stark, Parker Ellyn Madlock, Emily McMaster

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