January 2, 2017

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Three Morriss Elementary School Robotics Teams Move Forward to First Lego League Regional Qualifier

Texarkana, TX – Three student teams from the Martha and Josh Morriss Mathematics & Engineering Elementary School competed in the First Lego League Robotics Qualifying Tournament at Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, TX on December 10. These teams will now move forward to the Round Two Qualifier in the Regional Competition slated for January 2017.

Award winners were:
Morriss Monkeys – Core Values Top Three Award. Members include: Caroline Cook, Cole Gideon, Emma Hill, Jenna Humphrey, Sophie Lawing, Julia Norton, Nash Orena and Evan Sutton;

Robot Rescue – Rising Star Winner, Project Top Three Award. Members include: Hayden Crowell, Darbi Davis, Anna Lee, Morgan Leible, Eli Likins, Sadie Mitchell , Kason Orgeron and Lola Vanderburg;

Royal Robots – Members include: Eli Bates, Jeb Baugh, Katie Drewry, Kaidynce Gulledge, Nicholas Hayden, Savannah Kerrigan, Hayden Phelps and Laila Toubia.

This year’s First Lego League competition challenge, “Animal Allies,” focused on our furry, feathered and finned friends. Students were asked to think about all the different ways that people interact with animals and then identify a specific problem they would like to solve. Each team competed in a Robot Table Game, Robot Design, Project and Core Values.

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Morriss Monkeys:
Front Row: Emma Hill, Caroline Cook, Julia Norton, Cole Gideon, Sophie Lawing
Back Row: Jenna Humphrey, Nash Orena, Evan Sutton
Robot Rescue:
Front Row: Lola Vanderburg, Kason Orgeron, Eli Likins, Anna Lee, Darbi Davis, Morgan Leible, Hayden Crowell, Sadie Mitchell
Back Row: Tammy Danley (Coach), Jessica Kline (Coach)
Royal Robots:
Front Row: Nicholas Hayden, Eli Bates, Laila Toubia, Hayden Phelphs, Katie Drewry, Kaidynce Gulledge
Back Row: Jeb Baugh, Savannah Kerrigan

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