April 17, 2018

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April 2018 TISD Board Of Trustees Meeting Focuses On Assorted Vendor Approvals, Campus Kitchen Renovation, Tax Maintenance Note, Attendance Waiver And First Reading Of 2018-19 Budget

Texarkana, TX – The Texarkana Independent School District Board of Trustees reviewed vendor proposals, facility improvements, low attendance waivers and approved the first reading of the 2018-19 budget during their Tuesday, April 17 regular session.

Vendor approvals given were for auto glass, educational professional development, consulting, coaching and facilitation services along with electrical, HVAC and plumbing to supplement district workers on an as need basis.

Other vendors approved included awarding a building construction proposal for Theron Jones Early Literacy Center kitchen remodel to Contect Contractors in the amount of $132,614 and cooler/freezer construction along with kitchen equipment/installation for the campus to Phillips & Sons Refrigeration for $591,338.

The Theron Jones Early Literacy Center kitchen renovation will be a summer 2018 project with an estimated budget of $1.15 million. Although, there have been several updates to the kitchen over the years, the last full kitchen renovation for the campus was possibly in the late ‘60s. Funding will be through the Child Nutrition program budget. Electrical, plumbing and framing will be done in-house through the TISD Maintenance & Construction Department.

As part of the February 2018 approved Maintenance Tax Note (MTN) in the amount of $5 million, Trustees approved proposals for field turf installation at Tiger Stadium and the Texas High School Multi-Purpose Facility. Also approved was track replacement and field turf installation for the THS Track. The bid was awarded to Hellas Construction who has constructed sport facilities and installed athletic surfaces across the US for the past 10 years.

Additionally, within the $5 million MTN, approval was given to Altech, the amount of $645,500 for the remodel of the construction technology building to a multi-functioning dance studio for drill team and cheer usage along with a testing center and new housing for TigerVision.

All projects within the Maintenance Tax Note will be completed during Summer 2018. There will be no additional cost to taxpayers and the TISD’s tax rate of $1.425 will remain the same.

In other business, Trustees approved the submission of a low attendance day waiver to Texas Education Agency for January 17, 2018 due to inclement weather, January 12, 2018 and February 19, 2018 for excessive health-related absences on several campuses.

The Texas Education Agency allows schools to apply for a waiver for low attendance due to health, weather or safety when the attendance is lower than the state threshold of ten percentage points less than the district’s prior year average attendance. Approved days are not counted in the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) calculation for the district.

The last portion of business was a review of the First Reading of the 2018-2019 budget presented by Anita Clay, Executive Director of Business Operations.

First Reading projections feature a $1.1 million deficit on a $63.3 million budget with expenditures at $64.5 million. Changes are anticipated as the budget process continues. The Second Reading of the budget will be May 15, 2018 with the Third Reading and Final Approval during the June 26, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting.

TISD’s total tax rate for 2018-19 will remain the same as it has been since 2015 - $1.17 for Maintenance & Operations (M&O) and $.255 for Interest & Sinking Funds (I&S) which is used to repay bonded indebtedness and other debts.

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