February 11, 2013

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Texas High School Band Awarded 72 First Division Rating Medals during Regional UIL Solo Ensemble Contest

Texarkana, TX – The Texas High School Band members brought home 72 1st Division medals during the Region IV UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest held on February 8 at Texas A&M University - Commerce.

Selected 1st Division Soloists were: Clarinet –Elizabeth Colvin, Jessica Justice and Tenecia McCoy; Euphonium – Cydney Carpenter, Raven Morris and Kirsten Reid; Flute – Kate Deese, Brionna Kegley and Alanna Tran; Marimba – Brad Baird, Miles Coleman, Joe Quinnelly, Hoshiki Reyes and Augusta Welcher; Oboe – Selwin George; Snare Drum – Kristian Edmonds, J.B. Wells and Davonte Witcher; Trumpet – Shelby Powers and Madison Stewart.

Selected 1st Division Ensemble students were: Brass Quintet – Cavan Bilyeu, Tyler Hollowell, Jackson Sewell, Madison Stewart and Chris Wicker; Brass Quintet – Jacob Dowdy, Kenneth Harris, Raven Morris, Shelby Powers and John Reddell; Clarinet Quartet – Tori Beene, Haley Gibbert, Kaulyn Loe and Angela Moser; Clarinet Quartet – Shardee Henderson, Shayla James, Jessica Justice and Karla Penate; Clarinet Quartet – Elizabeth Colvin, Brianna O’Shaughnessy, Savannah Pritchard and Morgan Williams; Flute Quartet – Megan Haselow, Brionna Kegley, Ashlee Wood and Quanyetta Wrightner; Percussion Trio – Brad Baird, Drew Daniels and Joe Quinnelly; Percussion Large Ensemble – Tyler Brown, Miles Coleman, Jacob Dowdy, Kristian Edmonds, Hoshiki Reyes, Josh Rostek, Zierre Spencer and Davonte Witcher; Saxophone Quartet – Courtlandt Bursey-Reece, Selwin George, Drake Hudspeth and Heather Lanier; Saxophone Quartet – Matthew Crawford, Keely Johnson, Olivia Landrum and Ashley Tyson; Trombone Quartet – Ryan Head, Tyler Hollowell, Crystal Murphy and Austin Ryden; Woodwind Trio – Paige Copeland, Daphne Hammett and Naveen Malik.

In addition, 47 students will advance to the Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest which will be held at University of Texas – Austin in May.

Advancing are: Brad Baird, Tori Beene, Cavan Bilyeu, Tyler Brown, Cortlandt Bursey-Reece, Miles Coleman, Paige Copeland, Matthew Crawford, Drew Daniels, Jacob Dowdy, Kristian Edmonds, Selwin George, Haley Gibbert, Daphne Hammett, Kenneth Harris, Megan Haselow, Ryan Head, Shardee Henderson, Tyler Hollowell, Drake Hudspeth, Shayla James, Keely Johnson, Jessica Justice, Brionna Kegley, Olivia Landrum, Heather Lanier, Kaulyn Loe, Naveen Malik, Raven Morris, Angela Moser, Crystal Murphy, Karla Penate, Shelby Powers, Joe Quinnelly, John Reddell, Hoshiki Reyes, Josh Rostek, Austin Ryden, Jackson Sewell, Zierre Spencer, Madison Stewart, Alanna Tran, Ashley Tyson, Chris Wicker, Davonte Witcher, Ashlee Wood and Quanyetta Wrightner.

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