March 23, 2021

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March 2021 TISD Board of Trustees Meeting Sees Approval for Teacher Incentive Allotment Program, Employee Pay during Emergency Closure and Cancellation of Trustee Election

Texarkana, TX – A full agenda was on tap for the March 23, 2021 regular session of the Texarkana Independent School District Board of Trustees meeting. Three key approvals and presentations included:

*Review of Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) and Local Designation System for TISD. Passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in June 2019 through House Bill 3, Texas Education Code (TEC) §48.112 set a goal that Texas classroom teachers would have access to a six-figure salary. The state Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) provides additional financial distributions directly to districts based on teacher identification, student need as identified by compensatory education allotment (TEC §48.104) and campus location (i.e., rural vs. non-rural). Statute requires that ninety percent of TIA funds are used for compensating teachers employed at campuses with TIA-designated teachers.

Based on a locally-developed teacher designation system detailed in TEC §21.3521, teacher access to additional compensation is based on the local identification of teachers as master ($12,000 - $32,000), exemplary ($6,000 - $18,000) or recognized ($3,000 - $9,000). The local teacher designation system must consider teacher evaluation and student growth outcomes. Once earned, the teacher designation is applied to an individual’s teaching certificate and is valid for a five-year period.

TISD TIA Development Teams have been working over the past year with district stakeholders to develop the required TIA criteria to develop the TISD TIA teacher designation system to submit to TEA for approval.

“We see this as an opportunity to enhance the compensation of our outstanding teachers and honor their ongoing professional development,” said Dr. Doug Brubaker, Superintendent of Schools. “The most important resource that any school district has is the time that students spend with exceptional teachers. This program empowers us to be able to recruit and retain high caliber educators.”

Teacher participation is voluntary. Interested eligible teachers would complete a brief application process to participate. At this time, TISD has made presentation on the TIA program to all interested teachers.

District application for participation is due to TEA by April 15. Notification from TEA to approved school districts will be by August 15, 2021. Data will be captured during the 2021-22 school year.

“I greatly appreciate the work, during the past year and a half, that our TIA Team has put in to bring this to fruition,” said Brubaker. “If we can build a system that captures teacher excellence with a focus on student growth, then we have a win-win for all.”

*Approval of a Resolution Concerning Payment of Employees Who Were Idle during Emergency Closure for February 15-19, 2021. Due to snow, as well as power outages, TISD closed operations on February 15-19, 2021. This decision was made for the safety of students, staff and the community as a whole. Through this resolution, the District seeks to demonstrate support of its employees who have frequently gone above and beyond what has been required of them in order to carry out their employment duties for the District and whose work schedules have been affected by circumstances completely beyond their control. The public purposes served by forgiving this absence include: reduced unemployment liability, reduced employee turnover and increased employee morale. These wages are already incorporated in the 2020-2021 budget.

*Approval of Order Declaring Unopposed Candidates Elected/Cancellation of Trustee Election. With all candidates being unopposed by the February 16, 2021 deadline, the May 1, 2021 Trustee election has been cancelled with a provided savings of $8,000. Candidates are Bill Kimbro (District 1) and Paul Miller (District 6 At-Large).

Other agenda items included:
*Approved Building Materials, Hardware, Supply and Equipment Vendors. Recommended vendors are: Cook Drywall and Red River Lumber (Building Materials); Sword and Accredited Lock Supply (Door Hardware); Carrier Enterprise and R.E. Michel (HVAC); Red River Lumber (Lumber); Moore Supply (Plumbing);

*Approved Maintenance and Construction Contracted Services Vendor. Recommended vendor is Tatum Excavating Company;

*Approved Pool Equipment and Supply Vendors. Recommended vendors are Aqua-Rec, Inc. and Abernathy;

*Approved Strategic Planning Facilitation Vendor. Recommended vendor is Cambridge Strategic Services;

*Approved Purchase of Truck for Police Department. Awarded to Coleman Motors at a cost of $30,924.00;

*Approved Waiver for Missed School Days. Due to extreme weather conditions including loss of power, water and internet services and road closures, TISD cancelled all classes for February 17-19, 2021. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) allows the district to apply for a missed school days waiver due to weather-related issues. When approved by TEA, these days will not have to be made up. The waiver is being requested for all TISD campuses;

*Approved Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The EOP, and its supporting documents, provide a framework which outlines the district’s intended approach to managing emergencies and disasters of all types. It should be regarded as a guideline rather than performance guarantees. The district’s planning process is supported by collaboration, training and exercise. The EOP is designed to allow for integration with local, state and federal emergency management and continuity of operations plans. The district plan and related documents are to be reviewed at least annually by the TISD School Safety and Security Committee, as set forth in TEC §37.108 and updated as required by the district;

*Approved Attestation Statement for ADA Hold Harmless. TEA has instituted the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) hold harmless for the first two six-week attendance reporting periods and will make available an ADA hold harmless for the third six-weeks attendance reporting period on the condition that the Local Education Agency (LEA) allow on-campus instruction throughout the entire third six-weeks period. School systems that wish to receive this hold harmless must submit this attestation indicating that they will meet these on-campus instruction requirements for the entirety of the third six-weeks attendance reporting period;

*Approved Waiver for CPR Instruction Requirement. Due to COVID-19 concerns and remote learning, TEA is allowing school districts to apply for a waiver for the CPR instruction requirement for graduation. When approved by TEA, CPR instruction will not be a requirement for graduation for the 2020-2021 seniors. The waiver will be requested for Texas High School, OPTIONS Academic Alternative High School and eSchool Prep;

*Approved Instructional Materials Adoption – Proclamation 2021. Under the state adoption cycle for instructional materials, TEA has issued Proclamation 2021, which calls for the adoption of instructional materials in Pre-Kindergarten Systems. TISD evaluation teams have reviewed and evaluated the conforming instructional materials in these areas, and recommendations have been given to the Board of Trustees for approval. Instructional materials from Proclamation 2021 will be available for classroom use in 2021-2022 school year.

Items reviewed were:
*Article 2.132 CCP Law Enforcement Policy Report. As part of the guidelines for a law enforcement agency to receive full exemption from submitting the racial profiling report, TISD Police Department is required to submit a report declaring that the department does not make traffic stops in the routine performance of the officers’ official duties.

The next meeting for the TISD Board of Trustees will be Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

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