Distance Learning Program

Distance learning is an online-based program that gives students additional practice outside the classroom and helps decrease the amount of time it takes inside the classroom to study for the TxCHSE test or to improve English language skills. Our Distance Learning Program is user-friendly and can help the ABE or TxCHSE student to develop an individualized study plan. All distance-learning hours completed count towards the hours needed for ABE and TxCHSE progress testing within the classroom.

Benefits to the Distance Learning Student:

  • Ability to study outside of class at anytime
  • Improved computer skills
  • Provides additional practice in weakest areas; enhances student’s strong areas of study
  • Independent study allows for working at own pace
  • Prepares the student for classroom discussions and higher-level work
  • Work completed is graded immediately and feedback is provided for questions answered incorrectly

Guidelines for the Distance Learning Student:

  • Co-enrollment in an ABE or ASE instructional class (day or night) with consistent attendance is strongly encouraged
  • Basic computer skills needed, Internet access is a must*
  • Must complete a short ABE Distance Learning Orientation
  • Distance learner needs to be self-motivated, organized, and possess strong study skills
  • All distance learning work must be done outside of instructional class
  • Every week, all distance learners must
    • commit at least (4) hours (HYBRID MODEL STUDENTS) OR EIGHT (8) hours (SOLE DL MODEL STUDENTS) to working in the Distance Learning curriculum to maintain enrollment
    • make weekly electronic contact with the Distance Learning Coordinator, and
    • work 4 hours in the presence of the DL Coordinator (SOLE DL MODEL STUDENTS)
  • A student not showing distance learning activity for seven (7) consecutive days will be dropped from the distance learning program and may reenter the program at the Distance Learning Coordinator’s discretion.

Guidelines for Attending a Distance Learning Orientation:

  • An ABE Distance Learning Orientation will be held weekly in your regularly scheduled classroom by the DL Coordinator
  • A student wishing to attend an ABE/ASE Distance Learning Orientation is required to inform the DL Coordinator a week prior to the scheduled orientation

Felita Gilmore, Distance Learning Coordinator/Instructor
903.793.5632 ext. 1722