Campus Health Offices

Each TISD campus has an assigned Health Aide who works as a member of the school staff, within the framework of the school health program, to provide for the health needs of all students. Health Aides manage potentially emergent situations as well as provide daily care for students with chronic conditions, medically complex conditions and other needs requiring daily care in school.

Campus Health Aides:

  • Provide basic first aid and care for minor injuries and illness according to a detailed protocol
  • Administer medication to students according to board policy and district procedures
  • Take vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration rate and blood pressure)
  • Assist with screening activities including measuring height and weight, testing vision and hearing and examining spinal cord and scalp
  • Assist students with disabilities as necessary
Paul Laurence Dunbar Early Education Center
Karlotta Kowzic, Aide

903.794.8112 ext. 4562
Highland Park Elementary
Jamie Wade, Aide

903.794.8001 ext. 1654
Martha and Josh Morriss Mathematics & Engineering Elementary
Audrey Westergreen, RN

903.791.2262 ext. 49025
Nash Elementary
Sherry Foster, RN
903.838.4321 ext.86507
Spring Lake Park Elementary
Nikki Wadley, Aide
903.794.7525 ext. 1557
Theron Jones Early Literacy Center
Barbara Franklin, Aide

903.793.4871 ext. 5513
Waggoner Creek Elementary
Paige McNeil, Aide

903.255.3301 ext. TBD
Wake Village Elementary
Aaron Carlile, LVN

903.838.4261 ext. 8506
Westlawn Elementary
Ashley Harris, Aide

903.223.4252 ext. 6509
Texas Middle School
Donna Lee, Aide
  6th Grade Center
  Timeka Neal, Aide

903.793.5631 ext. 3536

903.255.3300 ext. TBD
Texas High School
Robin Keahey, LPN
Brenda Lenaway, Aide

903.794.3891 ext. 2512
OPTIONS Academic Alternative High School
Robin Keahey, LPN

903.794.3891 ext. 2512