Texarkana USA... "Where Life Is So Large It Takes Two States"

Why? Texarkana USA is really two cities located in the northeast corner of Texas and the southwest corner of Arkansas.

While here, you'll see why Texarkana of today is so much more: a thriving metro-center serving nineteen counties in four states. Its diversified economy is supported by manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, transportation, education and retail. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the moderate climate and a variety of recreational and entertainment activities.

Who named Texarkana is up for debate. The popular version credits Colonel Gus Knobel, who surveyed this section for the Iron Mountain Railroad right-of-way from Little Rock. The story goes that Colonel Knobel wrote "Tex-Ark-Ana" on a board and nailed it to a tree and remarked that this was the name of the town which is going to be built here. Colonel Knobel thought he was at or near the spot where the borders of three states met. So, he named the city after these states - Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana. (In actuality, the Louisiana border was approximately 30 miles away.)

A visit to Texarkana USA reveals a host of historic treasures: annual festivals, entertainment from performing arts, art exhibits, shopping, great outdoors and sports, wonderful restaurants and a citizenry proud to call Texarkana home!

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