Student Expectations

Students attending Martha and Josh Morriss Mathematics & Engineering Elementary School are expected to maintain high standards and to continue in enrollment at the school. Parents/Guardians will be required to sign an Entrance Agreement that outlines the following expectations:

  • Maintain an average of 80 or higher in each academic class during each grading period
  • Meet minimum expectations each year on all state assessments
  • Complete all assignments in a timely fashion
  • Actively participate in class

  • Arrive on time for school each morning
  • Maintain regular attendance
  • Remain in school all day and be picked up timely at dismissal

  • Refrain from persistent misbehavior
  • Refrain from disruptive behavior
  • Adhere to the student code of conduct
  • Be consistently kind and courteous to students, teachers, parents and community members

In the event a student is not meeting the academic or attendance expectations, Parents/Guardians will be notified and the expectations for improvement will be discussed. A student not meeting the agreed upon expectations will be required to return to his/her home campus.