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Tiger Stadium at Grim Park
Rules and Regulations

All rules and regulations are expected to be followed at all times and are posted at each gate entrance to Tiger Stadium.

General Facility

  • Gates will open to the public one and half hours before game time.
  • Please refer to Stadium map for parking.
  • Home teams will sit on the West side of the stadium (press box side). Visiting teams will sit on the East side of the stadium (opposite press box).
  • All student groups; band, cheerleading, drill team, student council must enter through the northeast gate.
  • All elementary and middle school students must be accompanied by a parent to enter the game.
  • Each Band and Drill team parent chaperone MUST wear a visible identification badge at all times and must enter the stadium with and sit with his/her designated organization prior to the start of the game. 
  • All entries will be screened by metal detectors.
  • Tiger Stadium at Grim Park is a SMOKE FREE Facility. No Smoking is allowed.
  • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products (including e-cigarettes), and weapons are prohibited by law.
  • No outside food or beverages may be brought into the stadium.
  • No Standing or Loitering underneath the stadium stands or along the fence line.
  • In accordance with UIL rules, live animal mascots, cannons, firearms and fireworks are prohibited at Tiger Stadium.  Tunnel Crews are allowed to use an air horn for their celebrations.
    •  Any person violating this rule will be ejected from the stadium without a refund.
  • Dress Code: No sagging or inappropriate clothing that is rude or profane.
  • NO CROSSOVER WILL BE ALLOWED from either side. The side you enter is the one you must stay on.
  • Each school will be allowed a total of fourteen minutes for their entire half- time performances.

Ticket Booths/Gates

  • Ticket booths and gates are located at the following locations:
    • Home side: Northwest and Southwest corners of stadium.
    • Visitor side: Northeast and Southeast corners of stadium.
  • THS student tickets are available for purchase during lunches only on Thursday and Friday for each Friday home game.
    Ticket Prices - $8 Adult, $5 students - Varsity
                             $5 Adult, $3 students - SubVarsity
                             $4 Adult, $3 students - Middle School


  • Passes REQUIRED for Field Access or Press Box access.
  • PASSES ACCEPTED: UIL District Passes or pre-approved passes by TISD Superintendent or designee.
  • Only authorized personnel, authorized news media & authorized photographers will be allowed on the field or in the team area before the game, during the game, during half‐time and after the game. Radio, TV and authorized media personnel must contact with Todd Marshall, Chief Communications Officer by Monday of the schedule game week.
  • SIDELINE/VIP Passes are required to be on the Tiger Stadium field.  They are not for sale and are only for authorized personnel.  News media personnel and photographers may use their news media credentials after verification to attend the game has been made in advance to Todd Marshall.
  • PRESS BOX PASSES will be provided to authorized school district personnel, news media and scouts.  
  • For pass authorization, you must contact Todd Marshall by Monday of game week.

Playing Field

  • No food, beverages, gum or sunflower seeds of any type are allowed in the field area.
  • Emergency crews from Life Net EMT Services, TISD Police and/or TTPD Police will handle medical emergencies at Tiger Stadium Football games.
  • In the event of an Emergency Evacuation, instructions will be given by the press box announcer and TISD personnel. 
  • No metal spikes or metal cleats may be used.
  • Props that will mark or cut the field surface will not be permitted.
  • No paint, tape or adhesives allowed.  Any field markings must be pre-approved by TISD Chief Operating Officer.
  • Sideline passes are required for entry to field at all times. This includes all team personnel not in uniform; coaches, trainers, student managers and other support staff.
  • No food, beverages, sunflower seeds or tobacco allowed at any time around the field area.
  • Victory lines should be limited to drill team and cheerleaders only.
  • No vehicles are allowed to drive on the field surface; trailers/golf carts/tractors must be pre-approved by TISD Chief Operating Officer.
  • Emergency vehicles may be parked in the north end of the stadium outside of the playing surface. In the event of an emergency, an EMT vehicle will be allowed on the playing surface to provide urgent medical care.
  • Signs may be posted on the railing only. All signs should be positive in nature and properly disposed of after the game. Signs should not obstruct viewing by fans.

Directions to Tiger Stadium -Summerhill Rd & W 12th St -- Texarkana, Texas 75501

(Home parking) Traveling I-30 E, take Summerhill Road Exit 222 and travel south,
take right on West 12th Street, take left at stadium entrance.

(Visitor Parking) Traveling I-30 W, take Summerhill Road Exit 222 and travel south,
 take right on West 10th Street, enter stadium parking.