The Jay Brewer Memorial
Tiger Classic

Hosted by TISD

Texarkana Country Club

Texarkana, Arkansas

Supplementary Rules of Play

Play is governed by the 2019-20 USGA Rules of Golf and its Decisions, and the following supplementary Rules of Play which apply to this golf course.

  1. Play will be from Designated Tournament Tee Markers.
  2. The Ball Shall be Played as it Lies.
  3. Penalty Area: Rule 17 Defined by red and yellow lines
    Optional Drop Zones on #6 and #12 for a ball in the yellow penalty area.
  4. Integral Parts of the Course:
    The road to right of #4 and all flower beds are deemed to be integral parts of the course. The fence enclosing the maintenance facility is deemed to be an integral part of the course.
  5. Immovable Obstructions:
    The Clubhouse and all surrounding flower beds are deemed to be part of the same obstruction. The grave and the iron fence surrounding the headstones are deemed to part of the same obstruction from which play is prohibited. The tennis center is deemed to be an immovable obstruction.
  6. Coaching will be permitted except on greens.
  7. Scoring ---
  8. Spectator carts stay on cart paths.
  9. Trophies will be awarded to the top 2 teams and the top 5 individuals.
  10. In case of Team Tie for 1st, the coaches will select 2 golfers from their team to compete in a combined score sudden death playoff.
    For an individual tie for 1st the 2 will compete in a sudden death playoff.
    · all other ties will be broken by their previous round score.

Rules Committee:
Chairman--- Art Romero, PGA, Head Professional @ TCC
Ryan Huntze, Golf Coach @ T.I.S.D.

Download Supplementary Rules of Play