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STAAR Student Portal

Parents are now able to access their student's 2020 - 2021 STAAR results online where they will see changes in how their child's performance is labeled and find additional resources to support their child's academic growth.

The labels for student's performance are Masters Grade Level, Meets Grade Level, Approaches Grade Level and Does Not Meet Grade Level.

To access scores, parents will need to enter their child's date of birth and six-character Unique Access Code, which appears on the student's most recent STAAR Report Card. Parents who do not have the access code will be able to look it up by entering:

  • their student's first name
  • typing their child's Social Security Number into the PEIMS field
  • inputting date of birth

Besides finding the scores, parents will also have the option of downloading a copy of the child's Confidential Student Report or CSR, which has also been redesigned to be more understandable. Those reports are already available for secondary students who took end of course exams.

A section of the new STAAR report card highlights how a student has progressed academically from the previous year with a growth chart. The website also provides resources designed to help parents prepare their students for the next grade level, support their reading and writing, as well as tips and questions for parent-teacher conferences.

For additional information on the new student report cards, please visit them Texas Assessment Management System or contact your child's school.

The Texas Education Agency maintains a broad database of assessment-related documents for students and parents, including explanations of test results:

Below are instructions for parents on how to retrieve Student State Assessment History Reports through the Student Portal with and without the access code.
1) Navigate to:
3) Select: Log In to Student Portal
4) Enter Student Access Code and Date of Birth on Texas Assessment Data Portal
5) If you don't know the Access Code, select "Where's my access code?" and a screenshot will show where it can be retrieved from a student's STAAR Report Card of the previous year.
Select "Lookup Access Code" and enter the student's First Name, PEIMS ID, Date of Birth
If successfully entered, the six-digit Access Code will appear.
6) Lastly, click "GO" and the student's testing history will appear.