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Educational Technology & Acceptable Use Practices

The following is a summary of acceptable practices regarding the use of technology resources provided by the Texarkana Independent School District. By using the technology resources provided by the district, individuals implicitly agree to follow these guidelines.

Definition of Technology Resources

The terminology "technology resource(s)" refers to any configuration of software and hardware provided by the district. Hardware includes, but is not limited to: desktop computers, laptops, network connectivity devices, wireless connectivity devices, printers, phones, network servers, and network storage devices. Software includes, but is not limited to: internet access, electronic mail, operating system software, application software, local and external databases, and data files. The Superintendent, or designee, is authorized to monitor the activity of the district's technology resources as well as any technology resource present on district property. This monitoring can take place without notice, whether written or verbal, to the technology user.

System Access

Students will be granted access to technology resources for class assignments and research. Employees will be granted access for teaching, administrative functions, and as job duties dictate. Individuals will be issued one or more username(s) and password(s) to gain access to technology resources. This information is not to be shared with other employees or students without prior written approval from the Superintendent or designee. Technology users are responsible for keeping this information in a safe place where it cannot be accessed by other technology users. The technology user will be held responsible for the proper use of his or her username(s) and password(s).

Student Login

Students will be given a district username and password upon enrollment in the district. Within two weeks after initial enrollment and subsequently at the beginning of the school year, the parent/guardian of the student must sign and return the appropriate Student Handbook form in order for the student to retain internet access. If internet access is removed from the student's login for this reason, it will be reinstated upon receipt of the Student Handbook form.

Personal Web System

The district-provided personal Web system shall be considered an extension of the classroom and is to be used for educational purposes only. All content will be monitored. All rules and regulations which apply to electronic communication and the classroom will apply.