Fundraising Request Form

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Name of Campus    Name of (Club) Organization
Name of Sponsor
Permission is requested to conduct the following fundraising activity:
Type of Fundraiser: Catalogue Sale     Single Item Sale     Concessions     Crowdfunding Campaign
If Crowdfunding Campaign, Name of site being utilized:
Description of project:
Specific purpose(s) for which the net proceeds is (are) to be used:
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This is the 1st 2nd 3rd fundraising activity this year.
I, , have requested permission to conduct a fundraising activity, and I will be responsible for the preparation of the operating report and will submit a final operating report at the conclusion of the project. I will be responsible for the accountability of all monies collected at the conclusion of the fundraising activity, and will turn in all records to the principal or finance clerk.


Sponsor/Person Requesting Permission
*Receipts and proper documentation are required for all fiscal transactions

Crowdfunding Guidelines

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or idea by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. The following guidelines outline requirements, acceptable actions and a comparison of crowdfunding sites for Texarkana ISD schools.

Crowdfunding Requirements

  • All crowdfunding campaigns must support educational or instructional-based initiatives.
  • Completion of an Fundraising Request Form is required for DonorsChoose and GoFundMe campaigns. The application must be completed prior to publishing a fundraising campaign and submitted to your campus principal for approval. Campus principal will then submit to the Office of Student & Community Development for final approval. Once approvals are received, you will be able to begin your campaign.
  • Completion of a Fundraising Request Summary Report is required for DonorsChoose and GoFundMe campaigns. The report must be submitted at the end of the fundraising campaign to the Office of Student & Community Development.
  • Crowdfunding campaigns are considered a fundraiser and DO COUNT against your acceptable number of campus fundraisers.

Restricted Actions

  • Creation of personal campaigns or withdrawal of funds into personal banking accounts.
  • Creation of campaigns that benefit individuals.
  • Sales of any kind (i.e. popcorn, t-shirts).
  • Transfer of donations from campus to campus.
  • Donated items mailed to employee homes.
  • Fundraising for non-district organizations and charities

Below is a list of crowdfunding platforms that have been vetted by the Office of Student & Community Development.
Online crowdfunding site for supplies and equipment, focused on PK-12 education.

  • 2.9% credit card processing fee per donation plus 15% per campaign for overhead, teacher outreach, maintenance and build-out of the website
  • Fulfillment labor and materials charge (depends on items selected by school)
  • Non-cash donations (materials and supplies only with specified vendors)

DonorsChoose is an online crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects. Once a project is fully funded, DonorsChoose will purchase and deliver the requested equipment and materials directly to the campus. DonorsChoose is NOT a crowdfunding site used for raising money.
Per TISD policy, campuses must ensure that:

  • Items ≥ $500 in value are tagged as a fixed asset through TISD's Fixed Assets Department.
  • Items received remain property of the campus.
  • A Fundraising Request Form is to be completed prior to publishing the DonorChoose campaign and a copy is submitted to the campus Principal and Office of Student & Community Development.
  • An Fundraising Summary Report should be submitted at the end of the fundraising campaign to the Office of Student & Community Development.

Fundraising Summary Report

Brief Description of Fundraiser:
Fundraising Collections
Product Number Sold Price Amount
Total Fundraising Collections: $

Fund-Payee Reason Amount
Total Fundraising Disbursements: $
Net Proceeds from Fundraising Efforts: $
Proposed Disposition of Net Proceeds: $
Preparer Name: Preparer Email:
Date Submitted: Principal: