Bilingual Education Program Spanish

What is the purpose of Bilingual Education?

  • Help students with limited English proficiency (LEP) to master the state curriculum.
  • Teach English to all students in the program.

Who does the Bilingual Education Program serve?

Children who have a language other than English in their homes and need
help learning English.

How will the Bilingual Education Program help my child?

  • Provides access to the state curriculum.
  • Teaches English to LEP students using appropriate methods
  • Helps build knowledge and learning of academic subjects in the first language and in English.
  • Instills in children a positive identity, pride in their cultural heritage, self-assurance and confidence

How can I become involved in the Bilingual Education Program?

  • Your approval is required to allow your child to participate and benefit in the program.
  • You can become a volunteer and help in classroom activities.
  • You can become involved at home by encouraging your child to achieve, providing him a place to study and showing interest in his schoolwork.
  • You can participate as a member of the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) that helps determine how students will be taught.

Will my child be taught the same subjects and learn the same skills as students in the general education program?

  • YES! All students in Bilingual Education must receive instruction in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in their native language and English.
  • YES! Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are taught as part of the state mandated curriculum.
  • YES! Music, P.E., and Art are also part of a balanced curriculum.

Will my child learn English?

  • YES! The mastery of English listening, reading, and writing skills is required in the program
  • YES! ESL instruction is an integral part of the bilingual education program.
  • YES! Academic instruction begins in the student's first language and transitions to English

How do I enroll?

Families new to the district are encouraged to begin the enrollment process before the first day of school. Enrollment forms can be obtained at any TISD campus. Enrollment requirements, locations, dates and more can be found by visiting our Registration & Enrollment page.