In 2014, Texarkana Independent School District (TISD) finalized a Strategic Planning process that has been used to guide our efforts during the last six (6) years. It is now time to embark on an endeavor towards IMAGINE 2026 in an effort to evaluate TISD's current strengths and challenges in meeting the 21st-century needs of our students.

Strategic planning is an ongoing integrated process in high performing organizations. Over the course of the next several months, TISD will implement a strategic planning process. Through visioning, developing a mission, examining core values, setting achievable goals and yes, imagining, TISD can move toward attainment of more advanced instructional programming and facilities.

Cambridge Strategic Services (Dr. Kevin Castner and Dr. Wayne Harris) has been hired by TISD, as a consultant, to provide critical support for the development of the strategic planning process. Cambridge Strategic Services will provide feedback and monitoring support during the first year of the strategic planning process deployment.

Education across the United States has experienced unprecedented changes that will impact how we educate our students. Now more than ever, we need student, parent, staff, and community input to update our vision, mission and goals for the next five years.

Doug Brubaker, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Texarkana ISD
Fred R. Norton, Jr.
TISD Board of Trustees
October 21, 2021 Hold Community Summit
(open to all)
October 2021 Establish a Strategic Planning Committee
(key strategic stakeholder representatives - parents, community, staff and students - to engage in a series of listening, learning, strategy and approval sessions. The target size of this group will be an estimated 25-30 individuals.)
November 9-11, 2021   Strategic Planning Team Meeting
(to identify the major strategies and objectives which will shape educational opportunities for our students and our community in the years to come.)
December 2021 - February 2022   Establish Action Team Leaders & Team Members
January 25, 2022 Action Team Kick-Off
February 2022 - April 2022 Action Team Planning
April 14, 2022 Strategic Planning Team receives Action Team reports and finalizes Strategic Plan
April 27, 2022 TISD Board of Trustees considers approval of Imagine 2026 Strategic Plan
May & Beyond TISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent of Schools considers incorporation of Strategic Plan into Goals
Strategic Plan Shared Out
Periodic Reviews throughout the year